Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What? You are Moving to AUSTRALIA???

It was a little over a month ago that Evan looked at me and said "would you consider moving to Australia" to me.  My instictive response was "sure" which was what came out of my mouth as an answer.  However, as things quickly started to progress after , I had to think about it more realistically. 

The fear factor stepped in and started trying to provide me with all sorts of excuses for why I should not go.  Work, distance from family, the unknown, etc....  However, as I thought through each of these excuses, I was able to make a stronger case for why I should go.  It is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see another part of the world, to gain new perspectives and see how another country makes things work.  It will expose my kids to new things and open up their perspectives while they are still young enough to not even really notice the big change that is going to take place for them. 

The thing that really sealed it for Evan and I though is this...as we started to tell people about what we are going to be doing, just about everyone said "I have always wanted to go there...but...." or "I have always wanted to do something like that....but...".  We have decided to remove the "but" from our lives wherever we can and enjoy whatever ride ensues.

Soooo....off I go on to a GREAT adventure.  I hope you enjoy reading about my observations and adventures here.

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  1. You are gonna have a blast and Australia is a bloody fantastic place to do it.

    Nat x