Thursday, 26 May 2011

Funny Stuff

I have noticed some funny advertising over the past several days and thought I would share them before they become everyday white noise to me.  While there are many similarities between Aussies and Americans, there are several differences that are just funny and endearing to me.

Truth in Marketing:
As an experience consumer product marketer, I always appreciate seeing how other cultures market and sell products to their local customers.  The conclusion that I have come to with Aussies is that they pretty much tell it like it is and at the same time really have fun with their marketing.  Here are some examples of marketing that I could not resist:

Nothing like coming home from a long day at work, feeling really hungry for some Tucker and having your wife serve you up some spicy hot "Man Beans."  Funny...there weren't any for women.  Must not have tested well with that audience.  :)

Most Americans know this restaurant as Burger King.  They run those creepy ads with the giant King running around and doing off-putting things.  Well, here, they just call it Hungry Jacks and serve up Brekky, which is Aussie speak for breakfast.  It is not as if they don't use the word breakfast here, they just tend to use the slang more.  So, the ads follow this lead and do the same.

This place puts a smile on my face each time I walk by it.  They are a little stand that sells espresso and meat pies to the locals.  Notice how much different their latte list is to what you see every day at Starbucks.  Tomorrow, Evan and I are going to try the "Kick my Arse" in the hopes that it might help with jet lag.

And the last one I have for now is below.  We were looking for places to rent and one place in particular, that really stood out for us, but ended up being the most expensive BY FAR was this one.  Instead of the pot of gold being at the end of the rainbow, they were asking us to fill the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to have this place.  :)


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  1. so glad you are blogging. what an adventure!